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Greetings from CEO

Welcome to Fortis

Fortis - 100 real Horse back riding movements

We have produced a global premium
horseback riding equipment that won
the gold prize at the Pittsburg Invention Exhibition.

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We will make every effort to be the company,
which always primarily consider customers' well-being lives. We have invested 7 years with the analysis of horse movement in order to develop a horseback riding equipment that perfectly (similarly) represents the movements of a real horse
We are the pioneer of the rehabilitation and posture correcting business by using Robot horseback riding machine so that you may have various well-being effects and enjoy convenient horseback riding experience.
Furthermore, recently we have expanded to the entertainment business by the combination of display and the machine.
With years of endeavor and trials and errors, we finally created a great product with our unique technologies and know-how.
We will make continual effort to meet customers' satisfaction by improving the products which are perfectly to fulfill customers' well being life style of 21st century.