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Fortis Horseback Riding Club

Welcome to Fortis

What is Fortis Horseback Riding Club?

Horseback riding is welcomed by the contemporaries who are eager to improve their body and mentality, and it is excellent for burning calories, aerobic exercise, rehabilitation and posture correction. We have developed horseback riding equipment for more than 10 years. We now introduce you the optimized horseback riding exercise to meet customers’ needs. Why don’t you find your happiness with “Fortis Horseback Riding Club.”

Excellent sports for the contemporary

Fortis is beneficial for Stamina Improvement

More than 100 programs representing horse movement are executed every 2 minutes, which is great for stamina, digestion and reducing obesity.

Fortis for rehabilitation

It helps to restore function and to improve physical ability of patients with disability or paralyzed persons.

Fortis for muscle strength

With scientific rhythm and wave representing horse motion perfectly, it is effective to intensify lower body strength, and it helps people to makes elastic body.

It stretches spine and corrects posture.

In particular it gives improvement of body balancing and balanced body growth for children

Fortis for burning fats with aerobic exercise

Everyone enjoys aerobic exercises conveniently and as it consumes calories much, it helps reducing obesity, BMI dissolution. Thus, it is the best diet well being equipment.

Special features of Fortis Horseback Riding Club

- It represents actual horseback riding almost perfectly and the experience will be very different from other equipments.

- Most equipment only provides a horse's simple walking function. However, Fortis horseback riding machine is almost the only one you can vividly enjoy the elasticity of a horse including running and walking movement. Fortis horseback riding equipment can accommodate person with 200kg(440 lbs) weight conveniently. While it is almost impossible with other equipments, the globally patented and recognized technologies enable such. We strongly recommend overweight people to enjoy.

- Fortis horseback riding club consists of 100% premium Fortis horseback riding equipments that resolves thirsty of customer’s horseback riding, and gives effects of horseback riding including health, burning fats, posture correction and rehabilitation.

Necessity of horseback riding exercise commented by a specialist

Specialist interview

“Beautiful body is a well balanced body with developed muscle, hip and spine body. Horseback riding is perfectly fits for it. When test was carried out with Fortis, it reached up to 95% of the actual horseback riding effect.”

SBS 방송 인터뷰 中 2009. 09. 12

하늘스포츠 의학클리닉 원장 *조성연 박사

*조성연 박사 - Adjunct professor of College of Health, Korea University, Adjunct professor of College of Physical Education, Kyunghee University Current, the medical attendant of figure skating player Kim, Yuna,Team doctor of LG Twins baseball team, Team doctor of national Taekwondo team, Team doctor of 2004 Athens Olympics

Screen horseback riding only with Fortis horseback riding club.

Growth of horseback riding industry

Potentiality of indoor screen horseback riding

Real riding

The first horseback riding equipment in the world represents horse movement perfectly

Joyful and fun exercise

Excellent entertaining effects of horseback riding

Media interaction and virtual reality

The best 3D graphic virtual reality is realized in the large screen tomaximize riding effect. The control function enables people to concentrate on the screen.

Customer satisfaction shop creation service

Service of Fortis horseback riding club for creation fund, market survey, interior and management skill

Various attraction programs

Various contents including horseback riding game, play and training with fun and thril