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Welcome to Fortis

We won the grand prize at the international invention contest, and the product obtains attention and popularity globally.

Fortis horseback riding equipment realizes actual 3D movements, and its exercise effect is outstanding. Its beneficial effects on exercise and rehabilitation were published in an internationally recognized journal. Moreover, some researchers are also being progressed.


Grand prize at the Pittsburg Invention Contest.
(One of the top 3 International Invention Contests)

In Recognition Innovative Excellence in the Category Therapeutic
Presented to FINE ALL Corp.
For the Display of Horseback Riding Equipment
At INPEX 2006 June 7-10, 2006 Pittsburgh, PA USA

FORTIS, published at an SSCI level International Journal

This study is multi-sense stimulating therapy to promote children’s physical abilities through technology and experiences by means of stability, joy, motivation and stimulation of Fortis Robot Horseback Riding. This therapy improved exercise function, muscle strength, spine alignment, muscle thickness and muscle activity. As a result, Fortis Robot Horseback Riding enables children to be more active for a long time without tiredness that is very different from existing rehabilitation therapies. Accordingly, it can be spread out as a new rehabilitation.

- Research result by Yonsei University team

Comparison of muscle cross-section between the pre-test and post-test

As a result of 12 weeks therapy with Fortis, the effects on BMX, BMI, fat reduction, maximum oxygen intake, improved resilience and dynamic balance were improved. As it is effective for weight loss and aerobic exercise, it would help people with reducing obesity and muscle and bone system disorder.